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Music artists are earning less and less

Why does music artists earning less and less? Well that's because the costs to make an album is very high today. And the fact that everything is digital today and goes through streaming canals that doesn't pay the artist as much as back in the days is also a big reason. In the end of the 90's there was a lot of illigal MP3 music that could be downloaded and this lasted for over more than a decade. Than company's like spotify and apple music did an effort to let the user pay for what they want to listen to but the profits for the artist has been low since then.

There is still made a lot of music but artists are more a hype for one year with 1 album while 50 years ago a song could easily survive for more than 2 years in the charts. People didn't have that much as now and were satisfied with the little choise there was. Now there is an oversupply of music. And people are changing faster from music taste than ever. Everything goes faster: what's hot today is not tommorow. And that's not different for music.